Frequenty Asked Questions


Making a booking

How to secure my booking ? Do I need to make a deposit ?

If you book on Internet through Airb&b, you don’t need to send any deposit. Full payment will be made on the day of booking and your accommodation will be automatically reserved. If you want to book your accommodation directly from our website, we will first send you a pre-confirmation email. To firmly confirm the booking, we will send you a Paypal deposit order of 50$, 100$ or 200$ depending on the total cost of your booking. This amount is non refundable (see cancellation policies) but will be entirely deducted from your final bill. Reservation is fully confirmed only after reception of the deposit. The offer received by email is subject to availability at the time of your answer;

What is the minimum/maximum length of stay ?

Minimum stay is 1 day in case of short term accommodation and there is no maximum length of stay, we are happy to welcome you as long as you wish.

How can I pay for my accommodations ?

For payment, please pass by our office on Ashok Stupa- North. You can pay cash in Nepali rupees, US$ or euros according to the exchange rate on the day of billing. You can also pay by Paypal (3.5% extra charge.)

Are taxes and service charges included in the price ?

We charge VAT (13% extra) as it is compulsory according to Nepali laws. Unless almost all other accommodation provider companies, we do NOT charge the extra 10% normally added to the bill for service charge. If you have appreciate the service of our staff, you can leave a tip in the common tip box provided, it is a nice reward for them ;-)

Are the house bills included in the price ?

Yes: running water, electricity, cooking gas, optical fiber Internet as well as trash collection fees and cleaning are all included in the price.

What is not included in the price ?

– Drinking water : 20 liters mineral jar water are being brought to each houses so that you don’t have to struggle bringing them in. Anytime you pick up one jar, please put 100 NPR in the box provided on the ground floor of each house. Everyone pays according to his own consumption.

– Gas for gas heater : Gas for heater is also at everyone’s own cost. A bottle cost 2000 NRP; it can last between 2 weeks and a full winter depending on how warm you like to be. You can pay for your gas consumption at the end of your stay, along with your accommodation bill.

What is the cancellation policy ?

We have flexible cancellation policy unless and until mentioned. But once you have  checked-in if you wish you leave and if you ask for refund then we will be deducting the days you have stayed with us plus 3 days room price will be deducted and the remaining will be refunded.

For Airb&b Guests, the strict cancellation policy applies.

What is the discount policy ?

We offer discount according to your length of stay and when staying in one same accommodation. – 1 free day is offered per weekly booking (you pay 6 days instead of 7). – 1 free week is offered per monthly booking for stay < 6 months (you pay 3 weeks instead of 4).

Please note that this discount is not cumulable with other type of discount (i.e. lower nightly rate.)

– For any stay above six months, you are eligible for long term rate


Which number should I call if I need help to find my house ?

Please give a call to these numbers Shudarshan (Shu) -  (00977) 9840 255972 or (00977) (0)1 55 27 304

Alternatively, if the above numbers are not picked then you could always call
Bijaya - (00977) 9841 8253660 or  (00977) 9823 608742
Rajesh - (00977) 9841 451648

Where Should I ask the taxi to drop me/ What is the address of your place ?

See contact section on our website and ask us to send you the right arrival/ direction.

Airport shuttle

Can i book an airport shuttle to pick me up and drive me directly to my accommodation?

For a smooth arrival, we can organize an airport shuttle (especially useful at night!). Let us know your exact flight details and our driver will wait for you outside the airport entrance, holding a board with your name on it. Fares are as followed:

  • day fare 1800 NPR
  • night fare 2500 NPR (from 7pm to 7am)

Do not pay the driver, you will pay the fare to us after you have well arrived and settled in your new place. Do not give ANY money to anyone at the airport. If someone helps you to carry your luggage until the car, you can give a maximum of 50 NPR or 100 NPR (about 1 $) as a tip, certainly not the 1000 NRP they might try to get from you.

Check-in / Check out

What are the check-in and check-out times?

Check in is from 14:00 and check out is until 12:00

What about early check-in / late check-out ?

Early check in If the room is free and already prepared, you are more than welcome to check-in at any time in the morning. Please inquire about disponibility the day before checking in. If the room isn’t free, you can come to our office at least to drop your luggage and have some rest in our common living room/kitchen.

Late check out With great pleasure in itself but submit to availability.

Night arrival We do not accept late arrival (after 8pm) unless you book our airport shuttle or if you perfectly know the area. Taxi are generally not so handy with the intricate streets of the Old Patan so it can quickly become a nightmare to find the right place in the dark. On the contrary, our driver knows all our places and can lead you directly to your accommodation so the arrival isn't stressful.


Are the long term apartments drafty of pretty sealed ?

They are really nice and well furnished, you should not need any major thing to live comfortably there. We try to keep our apartment quite neutral in term of decoration so that everyone can adapt it to his own taste and add the little features that will transform it into a cocoon.

Do you provide bedsheets, duvet and towel ?

All the apartments are equipped with two sets of towels/bed sheet/duvet and pillow covers.

Is there gas heater provided in winter ?

We provide the heater but gas is at your own cost (2000 NPR per Bottle). If you booked for a short term stay (< 3 weeks), gas heater is included in the cost.


Do i need to bring an adaptor ?

All of our outlets work with the most common types of plugs (UK, EU, US.)

What is "Load shedding" ? How do we deal with it ?

In Nepal, the electricity supply is good now and we have less to no load shedding, but sometime due to technical issues there are few electricity cut out but no worries, we won’t leave you in the dark! All our apartments are equipped with battery operated inverters. Even during load shedding, most of the lights and at least one plug in each room will work for laptop, table lamp and mobile charge.

During load shedding, it is impossible to use heavy appliances such as: toaster, electric heater, iron, hair dryer, fridge, vacuum, printer... If you try to do so, it will collapse the system, empty the battery and you will be in the dark until city line electricity comes back.

A little line about ressources

Gas, water and electricity are very precious resources here in Nepal, we ask you to use them very conscientiously ;-) Small problems related to those resources can always happen, we are very reactive to fix things once informed but you need to be aware that Nepal is a country where you have to be adaptable ;-)

Cleaning / Laundry

When my accommodation is going to be cleaned ?

We have two different systems:

Your accommodation will be cleaned for free twice/ week.

Where can I do my laundry ?

All our accommodations have access to a washing machine. You are welcome to use it for free as much as needed. You just need to buy your own soap.

Getting around

How to know about good addresses and recommandations around ?

We have written a special guidebook for you. It includes all our secret tips and recommendations for nice local places to go for eating, drinking, visiting and shopping. Our guide book is 100% non commercial and uniquely made for you to take the best advantage of your stay in Patan. You can as well visit our team in our Easy Homes office everyday from 9' to 6' if you wish to have any specific advice or information. We will be delighted to share with you our personal knowledge of the area.

Is the area far away from Thamel ?

It’s about 5 km away. Going to Thamel is easy and quick. Depending on the traffic, the trip- by taxi or bus- takes between 10 and 30 min. You can easily stay in Patan as a base and go to Thamel regularly.

Is the Old Patan far away from the airport ?

Depending on traffic, it takes between 15 minutes and half an hour to reach our places.

Is it easy to get around by taxi and public buses? How much does it cost?

Taxi can be found in Durbar Square and Patan Dhoka at all time of the day and night. there are relatively cheap: As examples, a ride will cost you between

  • 350 NPR and 500 NPR to go Thamel
  • 800 NPR and 1000 NPR to go to Bhaktapur
  • 500 NPR and 800 NPR to go to airport

There are two big public bus stations around (10 min walk away from us): Lagankhel and Patan Dhoka’ bus parks. Another one is just around 5 minutes walk which is just across the Shankhamul bridge. From there you can go down to Kathmandu Ratna Park and to many places and villages around.

As a general fact, we highly discourage our guests to be systematically brought back by taxi or car until our front door (beside the first day of course!). The old Patan is a very fragile area that cannot handle too much traffic and pollution. Ask the taxi to drop you in Mangal Bazar (Durbar Square) or in Patan Dhoka and have a nice walk in all those beautiful small alleys and courtyards to reach our house, it is much healthier and enjoyable for all ;-)

The area

What about the Old Patan ?

You can't find more authentic and traditional neighbourhood! Once you have discover the old Patan, you will never want to stay in Thamel again! When staying in this part of town you are surrounded by Hindu temples, Buddhist stupas, monasteries , local food spots and hidden courtyards with secret paths. The vibrant local life of the Newars (the original ethnic group of the Kathmandu Valley) guarantees you a very rich cultural experience.

Is there ATM around? Where can I change money ?

There are two exchange counters nearby (on Durbar Square and on Swotha Square). Their rates are as competitive as the ones you find in Thamel and they give a better rate than the counter available at airport. There are plenty of ATM nearby Durbar Square. Good to know: At most ATM in Nepal, maximum amount you can withdraw at a time is 10 000 NRP (100$).

Does the area have supermarkets/shops in walking distance ?

The area is very well appointed: there is 1 big supermarket (called Bhatbateni supermarket) within 15 min walk from both of our properties. There is also a KK Market just nearby Durbar Square (the equivalent of a 7/11, open everyday of the week from 6am to 11pm) and a lots of grocery shops and vegetable markets around.

Cats & dogs

There are street dogs around, it scares me !

No need to be scared, street dogs in Patan are very well community-integrated and are all delightful creatures. At night, they hang out in crew which can be a little impressive but there are absolutely no reason to be worried. They might bark to say hello and to show that you are walking on their territories but it is never with anger. There are all very sweet and non aggressive; we love them and encourage you to treat them as much as you can… you will make many new friends!

Do you have animals in your properties ?

No, we do not have any animals in our properties.


How safe is it to leave valuables inside our room while we are gone ?

We found Patan to be a very safe and secure area. The facts that the Newari community is very strong, and the place is thankfully still unspoiled by heavy tourism are two factors that have kept troubles away so far. We have never had any problem so let’s pray that it continues!

Is it safe to walk around at night ?

We have never had any troubles and believe that people here are amazingly peaceful and non-violent but we cannot be responsible of everyone’s attitude.

Can I leave some luggage in one of the house during the time I am trekking/travelling ?

You are most welcome to drop your luggage to our Easy Home Office in Ashok Stupa - North. Nevertheless, we decline all responsibility for valuable items.


How cold does it get inside the apartments ?

The outside temperature never go under 10°c in Kathmandu so don't worry it is not freezing...moreover if you are coming back from a trek where it has been been much much colder… From 15 of November to 15 of february, it does get a little cold so we provide gas heater and hot water bottles.

Visa: How do i get my Visa? What do I need to get it ?

Get it on arrival rather than in your country, it is more easy. It might take some time to stand in the line but nothing too bad. Depending on the duration of your stay, it cost between 25$ and 100$ (only to be paid in foreign currency). Don’t forget to bring two passport size photos with you, it will save you time.

How much budget do I need daily?

People tends to think that Nepal is a country where everything is cheap. It is not the case. Of course you can live here for a few $ per day if you eat only local food and drink Nepali “Chya” all day long but as soon as you want to indulge for some delicacies, drink a glass of wine or a good coffee, buy a good quality cashmire … be prepare to spend between 20$ and 50$ / day easily.